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Carmel Charity Foundation x Local Children in Need

In 2022 we were inspired by the cost of living crisis, and chose to focus on helping low income families in our local area.

Part of the funds raised by the charity over the year were split between 2 different projects:

· Christmas Food Hampers – to source, purchase and prepare 200 family grocery bags inspired by Christmas through local food banks and community centres.

· Christmas Gifts for Children – to source, purchase and distribute 400 gifts to children under the age of 18 who might not receive gifts – these included children in group homes, hospitals and in low income families.

We tasked The Carmel Charity Foundation Support Team to carry out the 2 projects. Team Food was headed up by Rhiannon and Team Toys were headed up by Sophie C.

Team Toys began by contacting local charities, community centres, hospitals, and care homes to find out who they could help and what gifts would be appropriate. They split the budget into age ranges and categories of the children they were buying gifts for.

In total 445 gifts were purchased for children with disabilities, children in group homes, children’s wards and local charities who had identified families in need.

These were distributed by the team and Carmel staff to the following charities:

· 80 Toys for Castle Haven Community Centre for families in need.

· 13 Toys for children aged under 17 in Holibrook House Group Care Home.

· 114 Toys for Coram Children’s Charity (Sensory Toys/Cultural Gifts and Children in Foster Care).

· 65 Toys for Ukrainian Children displaced (Lord Mayor’s Charity).

· 65 Toys for Local families in Need (Lord Mayor’s Charity).

· 86 Toys to GOAL and KT Community Centre for children in need.

· 22 Toys to Children’s Cancer Ward at Barnet Hospital.

Team Toys put a lot of time, thought and effort into planning and choosing appropriate and fun gifts.

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